School Of Television And Journalism
School Of Foreign Studies

School of Advertising
    The school has Advertising Department, Art Designing Department and Public Relations Department, with 6 research institutions and 3 laboratories. There are currently 35 professional teachers in this school, among them 7 professors and 15 associate professors.

  • It is the first school to set up personnel training system from undergraduate education to doctoral programs in China.
  • It has set up the Chinese Advertising Archives, which is the most important information database of advertising at present.

  • Doctorate Discipline: Advertising
    Master Disciplines: Advertising, Public Relations, Designing Art
    Bachelor Disciplines: Advertising, Public Relations, Art Designing

    School Of Television And Film Art
        The school has Literature and Art Department, Radio and Television Literature Department, Directing and Performance Department, Photography Department, Fine Arts Department, Music Art Department, and Recording Art Department. There are 8 research institutions and 9 laboratories. There are currently 161 professional teachers in this school, among them 33 professors and 39 associated professors.

  • It has the biggest number of Ph. D. Programs and Master¡¯s Programs of the first-class art discipline among the universities in China.
  • It has established the first Ph. D. program in the field of Radio and Television Arts and it is the only national key discipline of its kind.
  • Recording Art, Photography, and Illuminating Art are superior disciplines which cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with the combination of art and technology in the earlier time in China.
  • It has formed a complete professional system including editing, directing, acting, photographing, recording and art designing.
  • It is the seats of the Chinese College Film & Television Institute, the College TV Art Society of the Chinese TV Artist Association, the TV Fine Arts Society of the Chinese Film & Television Technology Institute, and the Music Communication Society of the Chinese Musicians Association.

  • Doctorate Disciplines: Radio & Television Art, Film Studies, Drama & Opera Art, Music Studies, Art Studies
    Master Disciplines: Radio & Television Art, Film Studies, Drama & Opera Art, Music Studies, Art Studies, Studies on Fine Arts
    Bachelor Disciplines: Radio & Television Editing & Directing, Drama, Film & TV Literature, Directing, Acting, Photography, Illuminating Art, Drama, Film & Television Arts Designing, Recording Art, Music Studies

    School Of Animation
        The school has Animation Department, Digital Art Department, Game Designing Department and Art Foundation, with the Asian Animation Research Center, Digital Art and Technology Research and Development Center and several other research institutions, and the laboratories of mobile multi-media and NGN, etc. There are currently 62 professional teachers in this school, among them 8 professors and 13 associate professors.

  • It is the key base of animation education and scientific researches in China.
  • The school educates inter-disciplinary animation talents with the combination of art and technology. It is a key base of animation talents education, scientific researches and program production in China.
  • It is an authorized training center for Discreet Avid, a word-famous software company.
  • It is the seat of the Education Society of the Chinese Animation Institute.
  • It has sophisticated and advanced animation experimenting equipment and advanced cultivation concept.
  • It started and hosted the First China (Beijing) International Collegian Animation Festival.
  • It undertakes the compiling work of the Chinese Animation Yearbook

  • Doctorate Disciplines: Animation, Digital Media Art
    Master Disciplines: Animation, Digital Media Art, Game Designing
    Bachelor Disciplines: Animation ( on Animation Designing, Digital Animation, Animation Editing & Directing, Game Designing), Digital Media Art (on Digital Film & Television Producing, Network Multi-media)

    School Of Presentation Art
        The school has Presentation Department, with 3 research institutions and 2 laboratories. There are currently 56 professional teachers in this school, among them 7 professors and 15 associated professors.

  • It created a theoretical system of radio and TV presentation with Chinese characteristics.
  • It is an important base for scientific research on language communication of radio and television of China and on Applied Linguistics.
  • It has trained a great number of announcers and anchors with wide social influence and it is regarded as the cradle of Chinese announcer and anchors.

  • Doctorate Discipline: Radio & TV Language Communication
    Master Discipline: Radio & TV Language Communication
    Bachelor Discipline: Presentation Art

    School Of Information Engineering
        The school has Telecommunication engineering Department, Broadcasting Engineering Department, Electronic Information Engineering Department, Automation Department, Digital Media Technology Department and Experiment Center. There are 9 research institutions, 2 ministry-level key laboratories, 4 professional foundation laboratories and 25 professional laboratories. There are currently 90 professional teachers, among them 20 professors and 29 associate professors.

  • It is one of the earliest base for educating radio and TV technical talents in China, and it is regarded as the cradle for engineers in China¡¯s broadcasting industry. The chief engineers of CCTV, CNR and CRI were alumni of this school.
  • It is one of the research institutions which are devoted to research on the technology of radio, television and new media, and a research and development base that solves important technological problems in its field. It is in the leading position in digital broadcasting technology, broadband interactive television technology, high-definition television technology, and high-powered microwave devices, etc.

  • Doctorate Disciplines: Communication and Information System, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
    Master Disciplines: Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Handling, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Circuit and System
    Bachelor Disciplines: Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Radio & Television Engineering, Automation, Digital Media Technology, Electronic Science and Technology

    School Of Science
        The school has 3 departments, namely, Mathematics, Optical-electronic Engineering and Technological Foundation, with laboratories of Basic Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, College Physics, Basic Optics and Professional Optics. It has currently 44 professional teachers with 5 professors and 14 associate professors.

  • It has certain influence in the field of Li Algebra, Computational Mathematics and Applied Statistics.
  • It undertakes the teaching task of Engineering Foundation Courses and Foundation Experimenting Courses of the university.

  • Master Discipline: Applied Mathematics
    Bachelor Disciplines: Information and Computational Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Optical Information Science and Technology, Statistics

    School Of Computer
        The school has Computer Science Department and Software Technology Department, with 4 research institutions and 4 professional laboratories. There are currently 28 professional teachers with 5 professors and 8 associate professors.

  • It undertakes innovation and breakthrough programs of State Program ¡°863¡±, State Special Program CAGI, key projects of Ministry of Education, and of SARFT.

  • Master Disciplines: Computer Applied Technology, Computer Software and Theory, Signal and Information Handling
    Bachelor Discipline: Computer Science and Technology

    School Of Media Management
        Within the school there are Public Affairs Management Department, Economic Management Department,and Managing Science and Engineering Department, with 4 research institutions and 2 laboratories. There are currently 68 professional teachers, among them 12 professors and 20 associate professors.

  • It is up to now the only school focusing on media management teaching and scientific research in China
  • It has the research base at the state level: National Research Center of Cultural Industry
  • It is the first school in China that is devoted to scientific research on media economics, with a series of research results of great influence on the management in media industry.

  • Doctorate Discipline: Communication & Media Economy
    Master Disciplines: Managing Science and Engineering, Communication & Media Economy, Enterprise Management, Media Industry Management, Policy Administration
    Bachelor Disciplines: Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, International Economics and Trade, International Cultural Trade, Public Affairs Administration (on Film & TV Production), Cultural Industry Management (on Cultural Brokering), Policy Management, Information Management and Information System

    School Of Literature
        The school has Chinese Language and Literature Department, Chinese Language and Culture Department, and Applied Linguistics Department, with 1 research institution ¨C Aesthetic Culture Research Center. There are currently 59 professional teachers in this school with 17 professors and 21 associate professors.

  • It has great influence in the field of Literature and Arts Aesthetics, Classic Literature Theory, Studies on Shijing (The Book of Songs), Grammar of Ancient Chinese Language, and Ancient Phonetics.
  • It undertakes the teaching task of Chinese Language courses for the whole university.

  • Doctorate Disciplines: Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Literature and Arts
    Master Disciplines: Literature and Arts, Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Language Philology, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
    Bachelor Disciplines: Chinese Language Literature, Chinese Teaching for Overseas Students, Chinese Language

    School Of Politics and Law

    School Of Chinese Teaching For Overseas Students
        This school, with the Center of Chinese Teaching for Overseas Students as its predecessor, is mainly engaged in teaching Chinese for overseas students and foreign students. There are currently 15 professional teachers in this school, among them 3 professors and 4 associate professors.
        In recent years, the school has accepted more than 800 overseas students from over 20 different countries and districts, and the foreign students¡¯ proportion of studying for degrees is increasing continuously.

    Doctorate Discipline: Applied Linguistics
    Master Disciplines: Applied Linguistics, International Chinese Education
    Bachelor Discipline: Chinese Teaching for Overseas Students

    School Of Distance And Continuing Education
        The school undertakes the task of adult higher education, informal and training education and higher vocational education. It takes multiple education forms, such as correspondence education, evening university, modern distance education, adult off-the-job training, and self-study examination etc. It has set up a multi-media, multi-form and multi-level continuing education system that provides all-round continuing education services for the field of information communication. At present it has established 9 branch schools, 31 correspondence education stations, 31 distance study centers out of the school in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions with more than 16,700 enrolled students.

  • It has Distance and Continuing Education Research Institution.
  • It has the program producing area occupying 2484.86 square meters.
  • Phoenix School of CUC
        The Phoenix School of CUC was founded by both CUC and Phoenix Satellite TV in May, 2008. It is a high education and professional training institution of CUC. The Phoenix School inheriting the privilege resource of the cinema and television media education of CUC and the industry brand of Phoenix Satellite TV focuses her core business on media education and advanced professional training to provide the global especially Mandarin media industry with the elites who have their worldwide market vision, well informed knowledge and professional ethics. The Phoenix School in the fields of media program development, digital content design, media research and social service establishes the new paradigm of learning for her students with the unique combination of advanced academic study, state of art research and hands-on industry experience.
        While providing rich professional training programs to the industry professionals, the Phoenix School possesses the degree programs of both Master of Fine Art and Master of Engineering, and runs the several international academic, professional training and research programs for the industry professionals and undergraduates.

    Nanguang College
        Nanguang College approved by the Ministry of Education is an independent college set up for bachelor¡¯s degrees by using social resources.
        The college is located in the university town of Science and Technology Park in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, a national-level Hi-Tech Industrial Area. According to the construction plan, the college covers an area of 1,660 mu, and the building floor space is 330,000 square meters.
        The college has 8 Departments: Language Communication Department, Journalism and Communication Department, Art Communication Department, Radio and Television Department, Animation Department, Media Management Department, International Communication Department and Information Technology Department, with 31 bachelor disciplines and more than 6,000 enrolled students.