Chronicle of Events in The Glorious and Fruitful 50 Years

March 3, 1954  The Central Radio Administration held a training class for radio-broadcasting technicians in Beijing
September 2, 1958  BeijingBroadcastingCollege for Professional Training was established
September 7, 1959  Beijing Broadcasting Institute was established

February, 2000 Beijing Broadcasting Institute was transferred from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China, and co-constructed by both Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
March, 2002 Beijing East Campus of China University of Mining and Technology was integrated into Beijing Broadcasting Institute
August 2004 With the approval of the Ministry of Education, BeijingBroadcasting Institute was renamed as “Communication University of China.”
Prospect: Tomorrow will be even better

     Looking to the future, the CUC will be guided by the philosophy of “people-oriented, all-round development, feature development, and innovation and development". In addition, the CUC will insist on internal development, with the mainline of quality, management and characteristics, and motive force of reform and innovation in order to enhance the quality of education, strength of subject, and level of running the school. The CUC will continue to work hard to realize its target of stepping into the rank of world famous university in media and communication.